About us

Tŷ Croeso – which translates as ‘Welcome house’ is a six bedroomed house in the grounds of Glan Clwyd hospital which provides overnight accommodation for the parents, carers and families of sick babies and children admitted to the paediatric wards of the hospital. It also offers daytime facilities to the families of chronically ill children who attend the hospital regularly and those receiving palliative care. The house was built in 1993 using funding from charitable organisations, the local community and a large donation from the parents of a young lady called Dawn Elizabeth Williams who died at the age of 25 years following a road accident. It is in memory of Dawn Elizabeth that the house is named.

Six Bedrooms

There are six bright bedrooms at Ty Croeso which are used by the families and carers of sick children. The rooms have plenty of light and can offer the privacy and comfort that families/carers require.

Modern kitchen

There is a well equipped kitchen next to the living area with a fridge/freezer, plenty of cupboards and microwave for convenience.

Spacious living area

There is a living room with comfy chairs and a sofa to relax and also a very bright conservatory which looks out to our garden.

Peaceful garden

There is a small garden which Ty Croeso looks after and if you’re lucky there is some wildlife which visit which the children are always excited to see.

The hospital has a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) which covers the whole of the North Wales area and beyond and families from great distances stay in Ty Croeso when their babies are sent to the unit for vital care. Some of these families stay with us for many weeks and we offer them all the facilities they would have in their own homes. The local specialised children’s hospital is Alder Hey in Liverpool and there is a ‘shared care’ programme set up with the paediatric wards to enable children to receive some of their treatment nearer home. The families of the paediatric oncology patients who come to the hospital regularly use the facilities in the house whenever they are in the hospital and they are welcome to meet relatives or medical staff in our sitting room when it is felt more appropriate than the ward.

The house is staffed by two part-time paid employees and a group of twenty volunteers known as PALS (Parent Accommodation Link Support). The PALS look after the house at the weekends and during public holidays and are heavily involved in the vital fund-raising programme, without which the house would be unable to operate.

The house provides a calm and comfortable haven for parents within a very busy hospital. It runs with the minimum of formality and parents are encouraged to feel at home during what can be very stressful circumstances.

Tŷ Croeso relies on the contributions received from our families who are encouraged to make a donation of £10 for each week they stay and our community who contribute generously in many ways.

If you can help us in any way please contact us at the above telephone number. Every penny we receive is used for the benefit of our families.